What Is Dodo Coin?

DODO Coin is one step ahead of the Uniswap exchange with its PMM feature.


DODO is a Defi protocol and decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based in China. DODO is not only a decentralized cryptocurrency protocol, but also a blockchain-based liquidity provider. The biggest feature that distinguishes dodo from other liquidity provider platforms is that it has a proactive market maker (PMM) feature.

Thanks to this feature, DODO offers better liquidity and allows price stability, unlike AMM platforms such as uniswap. The PMM pricing mechanism precisely mimics human trading and uses oracles to get the most accurate market information about assets. Dodo, which also mimics human actions based on data transferred by Oracle, offers a much more stable price guarantee.

Dodo Coin review

The cryptocurrency of The Dodo platform is also known as DODO. Launched by Diane Dai and Radar Bear in August 2020, The DODO had received initial funding of $ 600,000. The team later announced that it had received an additional $ 5 million in funding for the September 2020 period. Among those providing funding are Pantera Capital, Binance Labs and three Arrows Capital. The DODO price rose $ 0.06 to $ 8.51, up nearly 9.909 percent from that price, according to market data.

The reason behind the rise in the DODO price is known as Binance's listing, as well as the revolutionary feature it offers. The main factor that propels dodo to the top among many decentralized stock markets and liquidity delivery platforms is known as the PMM algorithm.

The PMM algorithm reduces the high price changes that many users complain about to almost zero, providing users with a seamless DeFi experience. It will not be surprising that DODO coin also receives investments from the three most important investment companies in the sector thanks to this technology.

DODO also offers liquidity for traders similar to that of Central exchanges. Arbitrators can join DODO users by taking advantage of price differences in DODO and other exchanges.

How to buy DODO Coin?

DODO Coin has entered the radar of millions of users by listing on Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. To buy DODO coins, it will be enough to use Binance. Users can purchase DODO coins directly from Binance's Innovation Zone.

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