After PayPal, another giant company heralded Bitcoin (BTC)

Visa has signaled that they will add several cryptocurrencies to the platform.


Payment giant PayPal's entry into the cryptocurrency sector and support of many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, started the bull season. Bitcoin's price continued to rise above $ 41,000, leading to a general rise. Now Visa, which was once as hostile as PayPal, has announced that it may be involved in the cryptocurrency revolution.

Visa To Enter Cryptocurrency Sector

Global financial services giant Visa recently partnered with BlockFi and Fold companies to actually make its way into the cryptocurrency sector. In addition da had taken an important step by launching Visa-based cards.

Now it has emerged that Visa CEO Alfred Kelly wants to make a real entrance into the sector. Kelly said in a statement that they can enter the cryptocurrency sector and support some cryptocurrencies. Referring to the importance of visa being the largest financial company and partnering with 35 different platforms, Kelly thinks there is growth in this sector.

"The sector is divided into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies”

Kelly said he believes they can make the industry more secure by adding a few cryptocurrencies to payment platforms. According to Visa's CEO, the sector is divided into “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies” and Bitcoin is seen as digital gold. The famous name, referring to stablecoins, also signaled that they can also be supported based on Visa.

Kelly also answered why it took so long for this news to arrive, noting that they could not add them to the platform before cryptocurrencies reached mainstream acceptance.

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